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Dzinr.com : Re-Imagineered

Dzinr.com : Re-Imagineered

Since forming in December 2012, digital and creative agency Dzinr has been quietly evolving under wraps within Bramhall-based sister company BlueCoffee.  Now in 2014, Dzinr is ready to come to the fore.

Wendy Green, existing client, founder of the business network Moxie Mingle founder of local business and community portal I Love Bramhall, interviewed us to find out more …

Why Dzinr?

Stuart Gerrard, Creative Director heading up the Dzinr team, outlined the reasons for the brand’s evolution from within BlueCoffee and how these two identities will work together in 2014/15:
“We designed and created the BlueCoffee brand and it’s stylised coffee bean device back in 2006/7 when the glueing together of random words to create a company name was on-trend; a style that has remained widespread in the creative industries worldwide. However, BlueCoffee had more of a meaning than simple juxtaposition. From our love of barista-style coffee, our name was a reference to one of the world’s best coffee beans; Blue Mountain Arabica. A small but high quality coffee grown at the top of the Blue Mountains in Jamaica, it echoed what we were trying to achieve with BlueCoffee as an agency; a small company with a quality output.”

Vanessa Gerrard, Commercial Director, comments: “Five years on in 2012 we realised it was time to evolve. As delivering client works always take priority, we snatched spare days here and there to slowly envisage a more contemporary, higher-rent identity and the value proposition it would offer.”

Stuart continues: “The concept and name had to relate to our core specialism; design is the lifeblood of our business and at the heart of everything we create. On 12th December 2012 (this century’s last repeating date, 12.12.12), after months of distilling down our various concepts, we settled on Dzinr; a phonetically simplified version of Designer, short, memorable, descriptive of our core expertise and on-trend for the modern world of abbreviated business and social identities.”

The Dzinr team have not re-imagineered their new site in splendid isolation either, canvassing and acting upon constructive feedback from both existing clients and trusted business advisors, to create a rich user experience from an intuitive and simple, yet sophisticated custom user interface.

So what of BlueCoffee?

“We’ve grown fond of the BlueCoffee brand and it’s certainly not going anywhere; rather it will exist alongside Dzinr and come to be associated with the more standardised, automated aspects of our service offering. Namely, professional web hosting, domains and DNS, email hosting, spam and virus filtering. We’re also currently looking at an automated stationery re-ordering system to come online in 2015.  Dzinr, as the brand suggests, will continue to focus on our creative and digital suite of custom design and development solutions for SMEs and enterprises.”

Vanessa adds: “Naturally the existing BlueCoffee website will be updated to reflect these changes in the immediate future. For now though, all eyes will be on the new responsive, portfolio-style Dzinr site and it’s emphasis on showing the breadth and quality of creative and digital solutions we’re able to offer.”