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Dzinr Help A Cool Brand Go Responsive

Dzinr Help A Cool Brand Go Responsive

High-end luxury travel specialists Destinology appointed Dzinr to develop their new responsive website.

North-west based luxury travel specialist and official cool brand Destinology awarded Dzinr the contract to redevelop their website front end into a responsive, adaptive customer journey, between desktop, tablet and mobile interfaces.

With such a wealth of information, advice, and media, coupled with complex search, filtering and back-end data processing, the redesign of Destinology’s established look and feel proved a real challenge. Several department heads were key stakeholders in the customer journey, with sometimes conflicting wish lists for UX / UI requirements. Front end wish lists also had to be matched with back end capabilities, balanced with a simple, intuitive interface and speed of the website from back end data processing.

Part of our brief was also to consider the SEO / SEM impact for Destinology’s other partner agency, ensuring each and every aspect of the design optimised the on-page search value of the site.

Emma Cooney, Head of Marketing at Destinology, said: “The guys at Dzinr are utterly professional and their work is of very high standard. They designed our website and did not just draw some pretty pictures, but paid attention to SEO and UX aspects at all times too. You could rely on them to properly think through the customer journey and deliver a design which is easy to use and effective as well as being attractive.”

Gratefully receiving Destinology’s comments, our Creative Director Stuart Gerrard, added: “The key to this project was delivering inspiration and impact to the customer, whatever their platform, from a vast amount of interactive media and dynamically filtered information, to make the customer journey much more relevant, with highly targeted content, all within a simple and intuitive user interface. This was no mean feat, especially with the limited real estate on mobile. However, working closely with Destinology’s web development, SEO and sales teams, the guys at Dzinr have delivered a design that meets (if not exceeds) all of Destinology’s requirements, from all department stakeholders and we’re very much looking to seeing the finished solution.”