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A New Era for Remote Hearing Screening

A New Era for Remote Hearing Screening

Dzinr deliver HearScreener’s integrated kiosk app, B2B website and data dashboard.

Over the past year, Dzinr have been busy working with The Hearing Partnership founder and Isle of Man based professional audiologist Guy Wolstencroft, to design and develop a digital hearing screening concept, designed and developed to provide audiology businesses with high quality pre-qualified leads from remote testing installations.

Building on the original concept, Dzinr have designed and developed an end to end system, from brand design to app design and development to working with the kiosk manufacturers, to database design and development, to design and build of the new vendor website and online data dashboard for reporting on the hearing loss leads the system continues to generate, from installations in England, Scotland, Wales, Northern and Southern Ireland.

The app itself, currently optimised for iPad and branded as HearScreener, features a virtual presenter to guide users through three simple tests, comprising real-world foreground and background sounds (a substantial improvement over other tone-based solutions currently available), delivering instant results to those taking the test, following up with SMS calls to action and further information on their current hearing status.

Being digital, the solution is able to trace conversion rates on calls to action and other quantifiable KPI data important for establishing the system’s ROI with retail outlets and end manufacturer suppliers alike.

Dzinr have been responsible for both the front end design as well as the back end app and data systems development. We have also been responsible for creating the HearScreener brand. The tablet-based digital solution sits within a cutting edge kiosk and comes complete with additional POS materials to promote the installations in audiology and health related practices, retail stores and private hospitals.