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Proofing Creative Projects with Night Shift

Proofing Creative Projects with Night Shift

Apple introduces Night Shift to iOS 9.3 to help you sleep better. Something else to remember when proofing on the go!

In response to research showing that blue spectrum light emitted from today’s tablet devices could potentially disrupt your ability to drift off to sleep, if used later at night, Apple introduce “Night Shift”, an additional setting to the ‘Display & Brightness’ settings on your iOS device.

Launched within their Keynote at a Special Event on 21st March 2016, the update essentially changes the colour of light being used by the display towards warmer tones; for those of us loving their Apple devices because of their bright retina screens, this looks a little odd when first enabled. On newer iOS devices, this also works in conjunction with their new ambient light sensors, which mimic the reflective changes paper takes on in different colour and light environments.

Whilst this all sounds great and may help users drift off to sleep easier, it may be one more question creative professionals need to ask clients using iOS devices, if they have queries on colour matching when proofing artwork on the go; something more than a couple of our continent-hopping or entrepreneurial client types tend to do, sat in airport lounges or travelling across the UK.

F.lux, a third party app developed for iOS identified this issue and had an option to temporarily disable the display change and automatically re-enable after an hour, if users were doing colour-sensitive work. Needless to say, with this latest iOS update, F.lux is no longer available on the App Store for iOS.



Dzinr already help our clients to proof design-and-print projects when mobile, by creating artwork versions using the digital colour space, cutting lead times with remote working. We also advise clients to download and proof artwork, rather than using online viewers embedded into various file sharing cloud platforms, which can also have problems rendering certain colours accurately.

Now we’ll be adding a check for Night Shift settings, especially on print and fabrication projects, for remote proofing with clients using iPads and iPhones.